Weekly Team Update – Sunday 16th February 2020

16/02/2020 Team Update

Subject: Elite Action Team Weekly Updates – 16th February 2020

Hi [[firstname]],

Welcome to all of our new members that have joined over the past few days since our last update, you have found a home for online residual income here with us at the Elite Action Team.

Today’s update is very short and essentially it is simply to share the weekly hit count with you and that is below.

The new funnel I have been promising is now in the testing phase which began last night and has led to some coding changes to be made today and 2 more videos left to be shot for the members back office.

All Elite action Team members will be the first to see this new funnel and the first to be able to get out there and promote it if they choose.

It is not branded as part of the Elite Action Team but is a funnel and membership system provided to all members of our team. This means you will be able to sponsor people using this system that have no interest in a marketing team build opening up a whole range of customers we don’t currently target.

Keep a close eye out as I will be launching this for us this week once testing a bug fixing is complete.

Some of you will make retirement level income with this new platform.

Some of you will make consistently growing residual income that allows you to finally break free and make a real living online.

Some of you will completely ignore the potential the rest of us see.

Weekly Hit Count

The weekly hit count for Saturday the 08th of February 2020 can be found here: https://eliteactionteam.com/weekly-hit-count-week-ending-16th-february-2020/

Email Ad Copy

You know where to find it: https://eliteactionteam.com/promo-material/email-ad-copy/

And please, if you have prepared your own email ads that you are willing to share with the team please email them through to me!

A new email ad has been added to the site in the last week from one of our members, thanks Anthony!

Team Rotator

Our team rotator list can be viewed at any time by any team member by going to this page: https://eliteactionteam.com/team-lists/ and clicking the link on the page. A few people have submitted support tickets to advise that there is no rotator list on this page – there IS some text at the top of the page, click that text!! It links to our rotator list which lives on a google doc spreadsheet.

Shoot For The Stars

If you haven’t checked out the Shooting For The Stars series by Texas Jim Reyna, you are missing out. Head on over to our team website and founders blog and take a look today. This is really motivational stuff to help with building a solid foundation for your AIOP marketing business.


As you probably aware by now, we have a number of banners available for use on our team website: https://eliteactionteam.com/banner-ads/

As always, if you need any help at all or have any suggestions please don’t hesitate to contact any one of our admin team.

We very much look forward to working with all of you!

AIOP Elite Action Team
Johnny Eaves – Founder and Admin
Texas Jim Reyna – Founder and Admin
Update Sent By – Nate Scifleet – Founder and Admin
Michael Harris – Founder and Admin

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