Weekly Hit Count – Week Ending 28th March 2020

Hi Team,

Please find the hit counts for this week via this link:


Please Note: There are a number of members promoting links that are tracked either by themselves and providing to me individually or tracked outside of our main tracking provider. These hits won’t be listed on this spread sheet but are recognised and appreciated.

When viewing the spread sheet there are 5 columns.

Campaign – This simply references our main campaign and doesn’t mean much to you as a member.

Tracker ID – Again, this isn’t all that valuable, it references the ID for your links

Description – This one is important! It shows your username so you know how to check for your hits, look for your username.

Date – The date the hits were achieved.

Daily Clicks – This is how many clicks you received in that day. Each member will have 7 lines in the spread sheet showing their username, look at all 7 and add them together to see if you have achieved the 500 minimum!
We have also included filters so that you can filter column C to bring up only your user name to make it easier to read.

2 Replies to “Weekly Hit Count – Week Ending 28th March 2020”

    1. Hi Ross,

      Hit counts have gone monthly with the change in direction the team has taken with the new rotator etc.

      I am currently looking in to options to make all stats available live 24/7 for all members while still retaining privacy for our members (so I am not posting personal data such as email addresses for the whole team to see).


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