The 90 Minute Residuals Funnel

Update 2 – 19/04/2020

Subject: The 90 Minute Residuals Funnel


Hi [[firstname]],


I know that you have already heard from me today regarding the very minor but very important updates to our Action Copy Campaign and I suggest you reload your campaign if you haven’t already done so.


But I also wanted to reach out to you today and provide a little more information on the 90 Minute Residuals eBook Campaign.


First up, the 90 Minute Residuals eBook campaign is an entirely independent business to the AIOP Elite Action Team.


But it does have a lot to offer any member of our Elite Action Team in that it is essentially a blueprint for sustainable and efficient website traffic to absolutely anything you want to promote.


In fact, I use the traffic strategies in 90 Minute Residuals to promote so much more than what it was designed for (which is of course the eBook itself).


Sure, I promote the eBook using the strategies contained within but I also put a good portion of that traffic to use promoting the Elite Action Team, both the tracked team link so that I can achieve my 2000 monthly hits and also my Action Copy Campaign.


That is because I have so much traffic that I can afford to spread it out across my income streams and ensure that they all continue a sustainable flow of traffic and income growth.


The core traffic strategies within my eBook work for almost anything that I want to promote and they also provide more than enough traffic to allow me to promote several of my businesses without taking away from another of my businesses.


But of course it is not all about the traffic!


The 90 Minute Residuals eBook is a business in and of itself. 


It has a membership site all of its own and if you decide to get set up after having a read you will be a registered member of 90 Minute Residuals on top of and separately to the Elite Action Team. Many of you have already done so and are seeing some good early results.


The Traffic Strategy itself can be an inbuilt income stream even if you take the free option when it comes to the traffic strategy.


And of course it comes with a bonus income stream that I have included for my own long term residual gains and many of my current readers who have re branded their own copy are seeing the same.


And that leads me to my final point!


The Re- branding of the eBook is the true power of the entire 90 Minute Residuals system.


You get to read the book for free by registering here: and you get to keep the book for free too.


But if you want to put your AIOP account to use and make it work harder for you than ever before you can make use of your existing AIOP account and completely re brand my eBook with all of your own details and affiliate links.


This way, not only can you build a business and an income using AIOP and our team systems but you can also begin to build an online brand and presence  that people will start to recognise and trust.


You will be building a targeted list and you will be generating enough traffic to meet our team hit count requirements many times over every single month.


So if you haven’t read my eBook already please take a look with no obligations to take any further action if it is not the right fit for you.


Thanks again for being a valued member of our team and keep an eye out for further updates in the coming days as I continue to make improvements for our team.


Please also note that you may receive these next few updates twice as they are being sent to our NEW and CURRENT team list as well as our old team list in case anyone missed the exciting news.





To Your Success Online

Johnny Eaves – Founder and Admin

Texas Jim Reyna – Founder and Admin

Michael Harris – Founder and Admin

Nate Scifleet – Founder and Admin

AIOP Elite Action Team



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