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Traffic Exchange Residuals

Earn a 6 Figure Income with Less Than 60 Minutes Effort a day

Simplicity – – – Persistence  – – – Consistence – – – Communication

Welcome to the Traffic Exchange Residuals Super Funnel.

By following the steps outlined here you will be set up to generate masses and masses of free online traffic that you can use to advertise anything that you like.

And by simply using a portion of that traffic to promote your very own Traffic Exchange Residuals Funnel, you will be set up to leverage that traffic into a whole lot more than you could ever dream of generating on your own and you will also be building a residual income online that will survive the test of time.

We give you everything you need and more.

But let me warn you right now!

Getting set up will take some time and it will take some effort.

But only once.

Only to get set up.

After that, you are on easy street for life.

The traffic and cash will flow with a very minimal amount of effort as long as you have taken the time to set everything up correctly and as long as you then take the simple but crucial action steps on a regular basis.

Getting set up will take you a few hours at most and probably less.

Making a 6-figure residual income online and generating masses and masses of free traffic will take you no more than an hour a day after that initial set up.

Take days off whenever you want…

Take a month off if you like…

Your system will not stop working just because you take some time off and in fact it is designed to keep working 24×7 for life.

All you need to do is TAKE ACTION TODAY by setting things up and then you can truly set your own hours.

Sound good?

Sure beats a day job right?

So, without further ado let us get stuck in and get you set up for life changing income using only free traffic exchanges online.

How It Works

The Traffic Exchange Residuals Funnel is really quite simple actually, because I have done all the hard work for you.

That means all you have to do is copy me and I show you exactly how right here, right now!

There are 3 little pieces to this puzzle and you are set to go:

Shared Funnel

You will need to join All In One Profits. But NOT YET, we will show you when and how to join soon but first we want to explain why we use All In One Profits (AIOP) as the core for our Traffic Exchange Residuals Funnel.

All In One Profits is the engine of your Traffic Exchange Residuals Funnel, it is how we make everything work. Using All In One Profits allows us to share our awesome advertising pages, professional auto response email series and residual income stream with you all with just a few clicks of your mouse. We give you everything we use to make a significant residual income online but we can only give it to you if you join All In One Profits.

Here is how the main part of your residual income can look with the All In One Profits compensation plan:

Team Comp Plan

The above compensation plan was prepared for our AIOP Elite Action Team however it works exactly the same with the Traffic Exchange Residuals Funnel.

Note: You DO NOT need to join or be a member of the AIOP Elite Action Team in order to join and use the TE Residuals Income Funnel. But you are welcome to join our team too if you would like to be added to our team rotators and systems that will boost your online income even more, just click here: AIOP Elite Action Team and register.

Free Traffic Exchanges

You will need to generate loads of traffic to your funnel and we show you a method that is fast, easy and free.

Just one hour per day and you will have more traffic to your ads and more sales to your Traffic Exchange Residuals Funnel than you could ever need. In fact, you won’t even need to spend an hour generating this traffic, that’s how good our system is.

Cool Little tool

Finally we use a really cool little piece of software to turbo charge your traffic generation and once again it is simple and easy to use.

This will cost you $10 and there is nothing more to spend. This step is not required however it will triple your traffic and save you hours and hours on end so you can get back to enjoying the important things in life!

And to make everything even easier we have even gone and packaged everything up in an easy to follow combined Down-line Builder and Getting Started Guide on the inside of your very own back office.


Get Started

In order to get started there are a few easy steps you need to take and you will be well on your way to never ending masses of traffic and a significant residual income online.

Step 1: Join Leveraged Prosperity Online for free by clicking the affiliate link in the email that your sponsor sent you.

It will look like this:

If you found our site without a sponsor, please email me at firebyfifty@gmail.com and I will send you all the details and the free registration link within about 24 hours.

Leveraged Prosperity Online is your free back office and downline builder that will not only provide full and detailed instructions, tips and tricks but also ensure the integrity of your downline and have you up and running earning a residual income online in no time at all.

Step 2: Once you have registered at Leveraged Prosperity Online for free you will be emailed your log in details. Now you simply need to log in and follow the easy to understand getting started steps on the inside.

There are videos and text instructions and it really is all point and click simple.

Log in NOW and get started!

Step 3: Once you have joined Leveraged Prosperity Online and joined our main systems you will need to copy our campaign which can be done with just a few clicks.

Here is the video on how to copy our campaign in full which includes, splash pages, squeeze pages and capture form, plus a great email auto response series.

Note: This video is also within your back office at Leveraged Prosperity Online.


That is it. Simplicity at its finest…