Shooting For The Stars! 02.15.2020

Take time to deliberate, but when the time for action has arrived, stop thinking and go in.

~ Napolean Bonaparte

Hi, Team!

It’s time to Get Real.  It’s time to throw aside the excuses.

To get extraordinary results you must couple extraordinary thoughts with extraordinary actions.

 What are some excuses that non-achievers use?

          I don’t have skills.

          I don’t have money.

          I don’t have time.

 If you are using those excuses.  Quit reading now.  Turn on the TV, grab a beer and forget about getting rich.  You will never get there.

 BUT… if you’re willing to change the way you think and change the things you do, Read On!

 It’s not hard.  People with less skills, less time and less money than you have achieved great wealth.  They simply refused to stay in the same place in their lives.  They refused to stagnate.  Where you are today is the direct result of your thoughts and actions you have taken.

 This is not a great task.  We’re not building pyramids!  It’s just a business.  But like any business it requires works.  It requires sacrifice, determination, persistence, knowledge and the proper mindset.

 One person says, “I have a wife/husband, kids and a job.  I don’t have time!”  Well, MAKE TIME!  Get up earlier.  Don’t watch that favorite TV program.  Get a babysitter.  Have your wife/husband help you!

 Lack of Time is not a good excuse.  Time is equal for everyone.  Everyone has 24 hours a day.  No more.  No less.  One difference between Winners and Losers is How They Use Their Time!

 Right now.  Sit down with a pad of paper and a pen and MANIPULATE YOUR TIME for tomorrow.  Know in advance how you are going to use your time tomorrow!  You must Control Your Time!

 Okay, I think this is enough for us to chew on for Today.  There will be more to come!

Get Real!

Texas Jim Reyna 

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