Shooting For The Stars! 02.02.2020

Success is not final,  failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.
— Winston Churchill
Hello, Team!
Two Essential Words if you are going to make a lot of money with AIOP and Elite Action Team:
I’m not using faith in the religious sense.  You have to have Faith in yourself.  You have to Believe that you have what it takes to Succeed!  Faith does not come automatically.  You have to work to have faith.  You must experience a bit of success to have faith.  When you get your first signup, you begin to develop some faith that this will actually work.  If you can get one signup, you can get two, or three or 1000 or more.  You don’t have to do it alone.  The Elite Action helps you. You have to help others, too.  When you help other people, you will help yourself.  As you make some progress, your faith will grow.
This is extremely important.  Patience is the deciding factor that will determine your success.  Working online is not like a 9 to 5 job.  With that kind of job you work 5-6 days and then get a paycheck.  It’s pretty automatic.  With your online business, your payoff is delayed.  You might not get a commission for a few months.  Sometimes it might even take a year.  The difference is that YOU can determine to a certain extent when you will get a commission.  If you do nothing or very little, you can’t expect a payout.  If you work your business diligently, you will get rewarded sooner.  When you work a 9 to 5 job, your wage or salary is a set amount.  With AIOP, there is no limit to what you can make.  YOU are the determining factor.  But it takes time.  You have to be patient. Our AIOP business and strategy works every time.  The problem is that some people are not patient enough to work at it.  They aren’t willing to invest the time it takes.  Our AIOP business is only $11.50 per month.  That’s a very tiny investment in order to make thousands of dollars eventually.  Speaking for myself, I am working AIOP as long as it takes.  What other job is going to pay me $10,000 per month?  I’m not a brain surgeon or a rocket scientist so most jobs will not pay that much.  I will never, never quit!  And I’ve made a promise to this team that I will never quit.  I know that my business will reward me greatly someday.  
I have uploaded a video to the AIOP VideoTube.  It’s called the Elite Action Team offer.  It is 34 seconds long. When you view it in AIOP, use the Share button to get the embed code to put in a web page.  Feel free to use it.  Here’s an example of what can be done with the video:
Let’s all Retire in 2020, okay?  You can do it!
Texas Jim Reyna

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