Re – Launch Notice 13th April 2020

Re – Launch Notice 13/04/2020

Subject: Urgent But Exciting Elite Action Team Update – Action Required


Hi Team,


First up I would like to say that I hope you have all had an enjoyable Easter Weekend with those that are closest to you.

I would also like to send my best wishes for your personal health, safety and well-being during the trying times that we are all currently affected by in one way or another. Stay strong, stay safe and stay healthy.


Having said that, I have some urgent yet exciting news for you today and if you would like to remain a valued member of the AIOP Elite Action Team you will be required to take Action based on this email today. 


Today’s email is quite long but I assure you it contains crucial information and direction that you will need to take in order to move forward with our team through 2020 while we build significant and lasting online income that is guaranteed to pay all of us month after month and year after year.


Our team launched at the end of July 2019 and we managed to build a strong team of 349 members which is a testament to all of your hard work and faith in our team ethics, systems, processes, members and leaders.


It has been an inspiring period of time for me and has shown me that there are a whole lot of really genuine and brilliant people working toward a better future for themselves and their loved ones online and personally, I would like to thank each and every one of you, regardless of the decision that you make today.


It is for these reasons, among others, that I have made the decision to take our team into the future and actively taken steps to refine and improve all of our systems and processes.


During our time as an actively growing team of entrepreneurs I have personally paid very close attention to every aspect of our team. I have taken note of what works, what doesn’t work and importantly what can be improved to not only have us appear more appealing to our prospects but to ensure our longevity and success.


I know that there are many of you who are struggling to build a foundation for your online business or struggling to make a profit each month.


I also know that there are many of you, like myself, who are earning a consistent income by putting to use our team resources and tools but are certainly still a long way off being able to quit your day job and live the lifestyle that you and your families deserve.


So, I have decided to make that happen for our team, for myself and for you.


The AIOP Elite Action Team is getting a complete overhaul to the benefit of all of you!


This includes absolutely every aspect of our team, every piece of content and every resource available for the team. The whole lot is getting an uplift, being renovated if you will.


Not only will these changes make us more appealing to our prospective members and strengthen our brand and identity online but conducting this overhaul of our team also allows me to implement some innovative ideas that will truly set us apart and take us forward on stronger foundations as we build real and lasting incomes online.


As of today, many of these changes are a work in progress. You may have noticed, and will notice over the coming days that our main team website is seeing some changes, some subtle and others more in depth.


As much as possible, I am attempting to implement the changes before turning off any outdated systems, processes or funnels to ensure continuity. This means that your links should continue to work until you are told otherwise or have moved across to new links. But please be patient with me as these changes are made.


I also want to assure you that you will NOT incur any additional cost as part of these changes. We are building AIOP and $11.50 is all it takes and that will not change.


As a member of our team you should already be aware of our core concepts which are: Team, Action and Elite.


This remains the case but we are improving how each of these concepts are implemented and function as detailed below:



Our main team rotator is getting a complete overhaul.

We grew fast and we grew large and like many team builds before us and many that will follow we started to see a slow down in members receiving direct referrals from our main rotator which naturally led to some attrition.


So we fixed this.


Our main team rotator is being phased out and replaced with our new and innovative solution which will see every single member, regardless of when they join our team, receive 4 direct AIOP referrals.


Here is how our main team rotator will function moving forward:



  • Each list contains no more than 20 ACTIVE team members – This means you will never have more than 19 people in front of you before reaching the hot seat.


  • The team member at the top of each list is placed into our Hot Seat Rotator link until they receive 2 referrals.


  • After receiving 2 referrals you will be moved from the top of your list to the bottom of your list and work your way back up to the hot seat rotator.


  • There is NO benefit to being in List 1 as opposed to being in List 3 or 7 or any other list.


  • The team member at the top of EACH list is placed into our single hot seat rotator and has equal chances of obtaining the next referral.


  • Each List must be filled before the next list will be opened to new members. For example, no one will be placed in list 2 until List 1 has 20 members.



  • Any member who DOES NOT meet the monthly hit count requirements will be removed from their list and everyone else on that list will move up one position.



  • If you are removed from our rotator lists and would like to start promoting your tracked team link again contact team admin to be added back to the rotator.


Please Note: All members are being provided access to our new and innovative rotator. You will have any stats from the previous rotator system reset to zero and be placed into our new innovative rotator in the order in which you take action.

This is to help those members who lost referrals recover and move forward in a position of strength.


Action Required: To remain an active member of the AIOP Elite Action Team and obtain referrals from our innovative main team rotator you must take this really simple  Action Step.


Register to our new team list here:


There will be no exceptions and only those of you who register to this list will be placed in our team rotator and provided all of the relevant updates and information moving forward.


There will be no special considerations given. If you are on holiday, register when you get back if you wish. If you are unwell, register when you are well and have the capacity to build a business with us. If you feel you are being treated unfairly, recognise that we are doing this for your benefit and keep in mind that no one will ever have more than 19 people ahead of them in our innovative team rotator to the benefit of all of you.


This will ensure you get referrals faster.


This will ensure your referrals get referrals faster, some of which they will pass up to you.


And so on….


Action Concept

The Action concept of our team will remain largely unchanged however there will be significant improvements and additions to the shared copy campaigns made available to our team members.


When a member receives their first referrals from our team, we encourage and to be frank we actually expect all of our members to take action in building their own business and income online.


You will be provided with various copy campaigns that promote our team but instead of sending prospects to our main team rotator they will be joining your list and those that join our team will do so via your AIOP affiliate link.


This means you will be building your own list, your own brand and your own income while taking comfort in the fact that all of your referrals will be placed into our team to receive the benefit of our main team rotator getting them referrals along with all of our team content, resources and support.


Action Required: Pause or Delete your Copied Campaigns.

The copied campaigns will be reworked and improved significantly during the coming days and many more will be added in the coming weeks and months.


We will keep the current copy campaigns online for as long as possible but we make no guarantees as the required work we are doing on these campaigns may cause issues to your links or AR series.


You will receive an email notifying you once the new copy campaigns are available to copy and this email will only be sent to those who registered to our new team list above.


Elite Concept

Previously the Elite concept was as simple as asking our members to use a rotator to help their referrals advertise their copied campaigns so that your referrals see success and therefore you receive their pass up referrals.

This had the added benefit of ensuring your referrals continue to pay your commissions month after month instead of giving up, complaining and quitting on you.


Let’s face it.


You are all business people and you are well aware that in this industry you simply MUST help and support your referrals in this way.


So moving forward, working with your referrals will be taken as a given and the expectation is that every single one of you will communicate with your direct referrals as well as help them advertise their copied campaigns.

Set up a rotator and include a link promoting one of your copied campaigns AND offer to include a link for your referrals copied campaign in that rotator.

Case In Point:

We had members who had 2 referrals and did this early on that are now making a significant monthly income that continues to grow.

We had other members who referred 50+ people to their AIOP down line very quickly who chose to only focus on obtaining referrals for themselves that are now struggling to break even each month. 


If you choose not to do this, your business will not be all that successful. Sure, you will receive 4 direct referrals from our main rotator and they will in turn receive theirs too and that will make you a small monthly income. 


But let’s face it, you are not here for 100 bucks a month in residual income.


You are here for 10k+ each and every single month.


Communicating with and helping your referrals advertise is no longer a concept of our team, it is an expectation of our members.


Which leads me to what the Elite Concept of our team will be moving forward and for that you are going to need to have a little bit of patience. We are building you something amazing and every active member of our team will be provided the details when we are ready.


In Summary

We invite all of you as our valued AIOP Elite Action family to build a bright future and significant online income with our team.


If you would like to remain on our team using your EXISTING AIOP account and come on this journey to success with us you must:

You will be placed (in order of taking action) into our new and innovative main team rotator. You will receive a new welcome email (as if you were brand new to the team) which will include a NEW tracked team link that you are to send 2000 hits to monthly. For the month of April ONLY, no one will be removed from the rotator for missing the hit count requirement as long as we see a genuine effort has been made.

Note that I will action these submissions in order and I will be doing these in bulk once per day to allow work to continue on our team improvements so you may not receive your new link instantly.

  • Pause or Delete your copied campaigns and you will be provided advice on when these are ready to be copied again in the next couple of days.
  • Update all of your banner or text ads pointing to old links, the image URLs remain however you will need to update the landing URL for all of your ads.
  • Recognise that our team website is undergoing ongoing updates to the information and content available.
  • Email me for support only if necessary at to allow me the time to work on the remaining updates and changes being made. If you are thinking of emailing support please ask yourself if your question is likely to be answered shortly anyway by the changes being made to the website and the updates being sent to you.


These changes will happen quickly, I have taken time off my day job for all of this week specifically for this purpose.


To Your Success Online

Johnny Eaves – Founder and Admin

Texas Jim Reyna – Founder and Admin

Michael Harris – Founder and Admin

Nate Scifleet – Founder and Admin

AIOP Elite Action Team



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