Email Ad Copy

On this page you will find a range of email swipes that you can copy and paste to use in safe list mailers or solo ads to promote our team


Important Note: We have not included a prospect’s name in any of our email swipes. This is because almost every different email ad platform out there will use a different piece of code to include the name of the person you are mailing which often leads to an email ad being set out with the code still in the email instead of the actual reader’s name. This looks unprofessional and can lose us customers.

You are welcome to include the name of your prospect when sending out any email ad, please just be careful to make sure you have done so correctly so the email is not sent with the code appearing instead of the reader’s name.

Please Also Note: Any team member is welcome to write their own email ads to promote our team. The only condition is that it is truthful and doesn’t make claims contrary to what our team offers. And if you think your email is good, why not share it with the team? Simply send it through to one of our admin team and we will make it available on this page for all members to use.

Email #1

Subject Line 1: The AIOP Elite Action Team is Here

Subject Line 2: Today is the day

Email Body:

Today is the day your outlook for success online changes for the better.

You see, today I want to introduce you to the AIOP Elite Action Team.

Unlike many other teams which come and go, this team has been carefully founded by a team of admin to ensure that everything is in place for YOUR success online.

The AIOP Elite Action Team provides a complete step by step success blue print that forces every member in to profit fast.

Once you are making money, the system is set up to leverage your success, without ever spending another cent, in to greater and greater success.

The team builds YOUR income…

The team builds YOUR email list of prospects…

The team works with you one-on-one every step of the way…

The team has a team of admin to ensure that your questions are answered on time every time…

This team is the only team I have ever seen online where even the newest member, even someone who joins the team in 10 years time will be successful.

Just imagine if you take action TODAY, where will you be in 10 years time? Probably retired.


Email #2

Subject Line 1: AIOP Elite Action Team Wants You

Subject Line 2: Change Your 2020 With The Elite Action Team

Email Body:

This is absolutely huge!

This has got to be the most well thought out and put together online team that has launched in a long time and you really don’t want to miss out.

Don’t go making the mistake of thinking that this is just another online team that will be here today and gone tomorrow. Nor will it be the team that takes 6 months to get you a few dollars in to profit.


These guys are doing things completely differently.

They have 4 experienced admin to keep things running smoothly and to ensure continued growth.

They all communicate with and listen to their team members and they take action too!

You might have tried AIOP in the past and you might have even joined one or more AIOP team in the past. Trust me when I say these guys do things differently…

This is the last team you will join! And not just because they will help make you money but because the team goes above and beyond and doesn’t stop at getting you referrals. The team admin and other team members are waiting to work WITH YOU, not just in getting traffic to the team page but in building a serious and stable business online through effective use of the tools at our disposal


Email #3

Subject Line 1: 38 Cent Freedom

Subject Line 2: Make 2020 Your Year

Subject Line 3: Have You Seen This Yet

Subject Line 4: A Team of Real People Making Real Money

Email Body:

Have you been trying to make money online?

There are so many options and so many opportunities online these days that it can be really difficult to find something that is right for you.

Today is the day you found it!

The AIOP Elite Action Team is a growing community of online entrepreneurs that are truly working together as a team like never seen before to change the future outlook of every single member.

This team is real.

The income opportunity is real and will only cost you 38 cents a day.

The products are useful.

The people are amazing.

The admin are responsive (there are 4 of them!)

And the best part is that it doesn’t matter if you join on launch day or in 5 years time, the team systems are set up in such a way that even the very last member to join our team can build a hugely successful online business.

Find out more today!!


Email #4

Subject Line 1: The one you NEED to be part of — 95% Done for You — Unlimited Inc0me

Subject Line 2: 95% Done for You — 5 Figure M0NTHLY Inc0me — only 38 cents a day —

Subject Line 3: We Give You PAID Members — Best AIOP Team Ever — Huge Inc0me —

Subject Line 4: Amazing System Builds YOUR Inc0me and Down-Line on Auto-Pilot

Subject Line 5: Put an end to m0ney worries – Unlimited Inc0me — only 38 cents a day

Subject Line 6: Real Team Build – We put money in YOUR pocket – Changing Lives

Subject Line 7: The BIG One – Changing Lives Worldwide – only * 38 cents * a day

Email Body:

Tired of all the junk and empty promises?

Then you need to see this…
You will benefit from a simple, yet powerful
system backed by a solid 7 year company
Turn $11.50 monthly (only 38 cents a day)
into a 5 figure residual monthly income…
       …within months!
– 95% of the work is done for you
– 100% commission – Pays weekly
– We give you PAID Members
– Break even with your FIRST referral
Unique compensation plan – When you see
this, you will not be able to sleep tonight!
Stop dreaming and start earning
See for yourself how a measly 38 cents
a day can set you free – Forever!
Contact me if you need any help (I do reply)
Welcome to a GREAT future

Email #5

Subject Line 1: Have You Joined Us Yet?

Subject Line 2: This is the Team You Want to Join In 2020

Subject Line 3: Finally a Team that Evolves with the Times

Subject Line 4: Join Our Team of Super Affiliates Today

Subject Line 5: Are You Struggling to Build a Business Online?

Subject Line 6: Making Money Online Is Difficult

Email Body:

Have you been trying to build a business online?

Don’t be fooled in to thinking that it’s easy or simple.

Building a successful online business takes hard work and considerable effort and isn’t suited to everyone who tries to get started.

But with the right product and the right team it is possible to finally build a business that can set you up for a lifetime of recurring monthly income.

And that is what we have built for our team here.

We have the right product.

More than that we have a hard working group of team leaders and members continuously building and adapting our business and promotional materials to ensure that everyone has everything that they could ever need for success.

Find out more and join us today:

Email # 6

Subject: What do you say to 100% Commissions?

“I would rather earn 1% off a 100 people’s efforts than 100% of my own efforts.” John D. Rockefeller

I would like to introduce you to the AIOP Elite Action Team.

Unlike many other teams that come and go, And even long-standing ones, this team has been carefully founded by a team of admin to ensure that everything is in place for YOUR success online.

You get everything you would expect from a successful team to help your AIOP or any other business grow. Traning videos, 2 AR Campaigns, 4 Capture pages, Team Banners, Emails, And now with Special Team Codes for Advertising all from the team website and more exciting tools on the way!

All in one profits cost $11.50 a month and pays a minimum commission of $10 for everyone in your downline. And has all the internet tools you need and have seen or known about all under one roof.

AIOP and the Elite Action Team go hand and hand to make sure you can stop dreaming and start earning today. There are many AIOP teams out there but none do it better than the Elite Action Team. It won’t cost you a cent to sign up for more information and see for yourself.