Monthly Hit Counts – April 2020

Hi Team,

The link below will take you to the monthly hit count report for April 2020.

I previously advised that no one will be removed from the team rotator systems if they miss the 2000 hits per month for April only.

But only those who have achieved their hit count for the month are eligible for the monthly cash prize!

Next month, and moving forward, anyone who does not meet the monthly hit count will be removed from our rotator system until they contact admin to be added back into the team.

Please watch the video below to find out the winners of the monthly cash prize!

And The Winners Are:

1st patcon
2nd aiopmax
3rd ricktor11
4th sage2
5th andyhop42
6th koosvjaiop

I will email each winner individually to confirm and arrange payment of your prize.

Today I also wanted to share with you a brand new Traffic Exchange that is a great way to increase your traffic to our team or to anything else you may be promoting.

Fast n Furious Traffic is a completely free way to generate traffic but if you take the very cheap upgrade available you will also get access to an awesome software tool ‘Quick Clicker’ which allows you to surf as many traffic exchange sites as you can handle at absolute super speed!

I am also currently building a copy campaign for the team that will help you build your down lines at a range of traffic exchange while bringing in lots of referrals to your AIOP business. This will take me a few days to build but it will make use of Quick Clicker.


5 Replies to “Monthly Hit Counts – April 2020”

  1. Hi Nate,
    Tried to send an email to the firebyfitt email addy but could no deiver so here’s the EM also tried to send screen shot but to working.

    Just watched your vid on the draw. To do the calcs faster, when you find the member’s file right click and highlight the top figure and drag down the column to highlight all the hits. On the bottom bar the total is counted for you in the sum box. In the bottom right hand corner. Sum box only appears while you do the above action.
    I had been in AiOP before and got nowhere only dropped out because they stopped accepting PayPal. So here’s hopping this does well for us all.
    All the best on chilly South Cost night.
    I am just a long way up the road from you in Wollongong.

    1. Thank you Donna!!!

      I am by no means an excel guru and that will speed things up a lot and bring down a 20 minute video to about 10!

      Yes it was very cold the last few days but I can’t complain too much as we moved from Canberra about 2 years ago so this is luxury in comparison!

      Wollongong is a beautiful spot and we may end up that was soon enough as my wife’s work may take us up that way.

      Stay safe and thanks for the tip!

    1. Hi Lenkqa,

      I don’t what you are referring to. Please elaborate if you need a response or any support?


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