Monthly Hit Count and Prize Draw – May 2020

Hi Team,

The link below will take you to the monthly hit count report for May 2020.

The Monthly Stats are in for our team hit counts and the cash and traffic prizes have been drawn!

Please watch the video below to find out the winners of the monthly cash prize and then read on below…

Congratulations to our Winners:

1st ($20) money4you
2nd ($10) azharv2
3rd ($5) easybiz39
4th (2000 hits) Will123
5th (1500 hits) koosvjaiop
6th (1000 hits) kaikauai
Bonus Prize = to 6th Place (1000 hits) malgar2

It was a little disappointing this month and as you can see the prize drawing took 20 minutes due to a number of winners no longer promoting the team pages leading to a re draw for that prize.

If you no longer wish to be a part of our team rotators that is fine! You can continue to use our copy campaigns however you will be removed from our team rotator so that we can focus on all of those amazing people who helped us achieve such a great overall month.  But please let me know!

If you simply do not have the time or the patience to generate free traffic to your team link there are a whole range of very cheap paid advertising options available that can help you promote the team, your copy campaigns and anything else you may be promoting.

I highly recommend the below traffic resource to anyone who is struggling:


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