Meet The Founders

Here at the AIOP Elite Action Team we are proud to introduce you to our talented and hard working founders who also manage all of our team admin tasks so that you can get on with building your online business and growing your income.

It won’t be long before you are working with us on a regular basis and we encourage communication and working together as a team. So this is who we are:

Johnny Eaves

A picture of me and my wife of 36 wonderful years, Ruth.

network marketer for over 35 years living in USA.
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Texas Jim Reyna

Jim Reyna aka Texas Jim Reyna was a minister for the Church of Christ for 30 years.  During that time he also earned his CompTIA A+ Computer Certification.  Jim was using computers long before the Internet was public.  He ran a BBS (Bulletin Board System) with his Amiga Computer.  It was entirely text based and was accessed with a phone and modem.

Jim builds websites and multimedia commercials primarily for Internet businesses.  He knows html and css.  He is learning PHP.  He is also working on his Network+ Certification.

Jim is a guitar player, singer and songwriter.  He recently gained a Manager in Dallas, Texas.  He is looking forward to having his songs published.

He is an experienced Network Marketer.  His favorite business is All In One Profits.  Why?  Because he makes money there!

Jim is retired and lives in the Texas panhandle.

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Nate Scifleet

This is a picture of me and my beautiful wife Liz from Lake Conjola not too far away from where we live on the Sunny South Coast of Australia.
I have been working online, on and off, since around 2009 and recently returned after a break of a few years just last year in 2018.
I still have a day job working for a Telco which is fine but I decided that my family deserved more than the 9-5 job could ever provide. So I am putting everything in to building my business online to give my family the lifestyle they deserve.
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Michael Harris


Michael Harris is the Overseer of his church, Abdeel Temple where his wife Sandy serves as Pastor. Michael has been in the ministry since 1990, pastored a church for 8 and a half years, then started Abdeel Temple.

Michael started working at a very young age in the tobacco fields of Va., then when old enough he worked for Dan River Mills and Burlington Industries where he was a Loom Technician. During this time Michael also started his own business managing and repairing rental houses. Michael has been in the rental business now for over 35 years.

8 years ago Michael started his on income tax business, Harrio’s Fast Tax and when his health took a downward turn Michael turned to online marketing. Michael has been online now for over 12 years and has had some success. But he is always looking for ways to grow his income by working smarter and not harder.

Michael has added several more businesses since he has been online. Harris Hosting, MSS-MAC, 3 mailers, traffic exchanges, classified websites, and an array of tools and products.

I have had a lot of people tell me that the way I was spending online wasn’t smart and could be madness. But what they didn’t understand was that my madness had a method. And that method has me ready to do my part as we grow together.

The only time You really lose is when you QUIT. There is NO QUIT In me.

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