Important Elite Action Team Weekly Updates – 11th April 2020

11/04/2020 Team Update


Subject: Important Elite Action Team Weekly Updates – 11th April 2020


Hi [[firstname]],


Welcome to all of our new members that have joined over the past few days since our last update, you have found a home for online residual income here with us at the Elite Action Team.


I have some very important updates for you today regarding the future of the AIOP Elite Action Team and the future of our success together.


Over the past several months our team admin along with members have been paying close attention to what is working for our team and what is not.


Then over the last couple of weeks I have been working on and testing a number of ideas and improvements to help our team grow.


The next couple of days will see some major changes implemented for our team.


I won’t give away too much just yet as you will all be giving the opportunity to take a look for yourself in the coming days.


For the most part this will be the improvement of our team resources and the simplification of our team processes. 


All designed and implemented to make your life easier, for you, your prospects and your referrals.


Effectively we will be undergoing somewhat of a mini re- launch and this will include a clear road map for the future.


In the meantime there will be some minimal and intermittent disruption to our team website and our team pages. And while this will be minimal I don’t want anyone wasting any money or time for no reason. 


So while new members will still be able to join our team during this transition, we understand that some of you will want to slow down or pause traffic to your team pages.


So, for the next few days and up to a week at most, we understand if people’s usual weekly hit counts are reduced. In fact, the way our main team rotator and the weekly hit counts functions will be tweaked and improved as part of this process.


So please be patient with us as we implement these life changing improvements to our team and set ourselves up for a bright future working with each and every one of you.


As always, if you need any help at all or have any suggestions please don’t hesitate to contact any one of our admin team.


We very much look forward to working with all of you!



AIOP Elite Action Team

Johnny Eaves – Founder and Admin

Texas Jim Reyna – Founder and Admin

Update Sent By – Nate Scifleet – Founder and Admin

Michael Harris – Founder and Admin

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