How It Works

The AIOP Elite Action Team is so much more than just another team build for All In One Profits.

We know that each and every one of you is probably bombarded with ads all over the internet promoting one of the many AIOP team builds that have been put together.

That is why we pride ourselves on being different. On having a long term systematic plan to ensure the success of every income opportunity seeker that joins our team.

Here is how it works:

Our team name actually says it all and our team system is made up of 3 core concepts,

Elite…   Action…   Team…

But just for fun, we reverse that and here is how it works:


The Elite Action Team for AIOP has been specifically created for people who are serious about building a business online and working toward their financial freedom.

We don’t accept just anyone on to our team to work with us.

And we do remove those that are not team players as it is crucial for all of us that your referrals are as successful as you are.

This is because we work hard for you and we work with you to provide one on one coaching and support to ensure the long term success of every serious marketer who takes action and joins our team.

Teamwork is crucial in network marketing and every member who joins our team is required to work with us as a team.

Every new member who joins our team is placed in to our team rotator via which each member of our team will, over time, receive 4 direct referrals to their AIOP account. Why 4? Because 4 direct referrals is achievable and profitable. Please refer to our team comp plan for more details on why we provide all members with 4 direct referrals via our team rotator.

To remain in our rotator, all team members must send 2000 views per Month to the tracked team link that is provided when a member joins our team.

On the first weekend of every month the admin of the AIOP Elite Action Team will provide a monthly hit count report that is visible to all team members.

All members who are not within 10% of their monthly hit count target will be removed from our team rotator.

Your target is 2000 hits per month.

You WILL be REMOVED if you send less than 1800 hits to your tracked team link. 

During your first month with our team you will be exempt from the minimum monthly hit count requirement and only be removed if your hit count is less than 100 for your first month.

Every team member will remain in our main team rotator until they have 4 direct AIOP referrals BUT remember that it is YOUR job to keep them there.

You MUST build a relationship with your referrals and you must help and encourage them to see their own success if you wish them to keep sending you 100% commissions by continuing to pay their monthly subscription at All In One Profits.

  • If you need help obtaining 2000 hits to your tracked team link click here for suggestions, help and advice.

Once you have 4 direct referrals at All In One Profits it is time to supercharge your online business by taking serious action and start building your business and brand.

Read on for more information on how the Elite Action Team helps you take ACTION!

And yes, you are more than welcome to take action and make use of our additional resources before you have your 4 direct referrals.

 – Your Referrals Are Your Income – Communicate With Them – Help Them – Promote For Them – Earn With Them –

– They are REAL People – Giving YOU Real Money – Do The Above Right – Or They Will STOP Paying You – 


Like all teams, the AIOP Elite Action Team is reliant on the individuals who make up the wider team.

We have implemented a main team rotator system that is unique, reliable and fair to ensure that we can keep our promises to work for our members until each and every one of you receive 4 direct paid AIOP referrals.

When you have received 4 direct referrals at All In One Profits you will be earning $20 USD per month in revenue and you will have a cost of $11.50 per month.

You will also have passed up 2 of those 4 referrals to your sponsor and your referrals will begin to pass up every second referral that they receive to you unlocking exponential growth for your residual income with our team.

But if you stop there I can assure you that you will not be building that dream home or buying that luxury sail boat any time soon.

Maybe you will have a true leader join as your referral who will grow your income for you on auto pilot, but then again maybe your referrals will be the slow and steady type who need a little help along the way.

It is now the time that YOU must take REAL ACTION!

And you don’t even need to wait until you have 4 referrals from our main team rotator if you really want to get stuck in and build a roaring residual income online and leverage off of our team’s resources.

This step is on you, step up and TAKE ACTION!

The concept here is really very simple.

We provide ALL of the content, complete AIOP Elite Action Team Funnels including:

  • 3 Splash or Squeeze pages per funnel;
  • Full Auto Response (AR) email series;
  • All HTML done for you;
  • All links coded to your AIOP referral link;
  • Ability to completely Brand You;
  • And best of all, every single one of your referrals will be placed in our short and fast main team rotator lists that will see them in line for their own referrals (some of which they will pass up to you) with never more than 19 team members ahead of them.

Simply choose one or more of our Copy Campaigns below, click the link and it will take you to a full description with comprehensive training on how to set it up for yourself:

 – Your Referrals Are Your Income – Communicate With Them – Help Them – Promote For Them – Earn With Them –

– They are REAL People – Giving YOU Real Money – Do The Above Right – Or They Will STOP Paying You – 

Elite – This is HUGE and will take time to complete construction!