Copy Your Way To Riches With the Elite Action Team

Random Update 16/04/2020

Subject: Copy Your Way To Riches With the Elite Action Team


Hi [[firstname]],




You guys are absolutely awesome!!


It has only been a couple of days since we practically re launched the Elite Action Team and so many of you have taken the action needed to build something real online.


This team and everything we do has been built to last and for the member.


Over the last month or two things were starting to get me down a bit when working online and I wasn’t sure how I should approach things moving forward.


Team builds are difficult because as a leader I must ensure that everything I do benefits every single member of the team and often that means there is no direct benefit to myself.


Because of this fact I often see evidence or hear stories of team admins going to the dark side and basically just using their lists to promote everything under the sun to their team members for their own short term gain.


But I want more for our team. 


For those of you that are serious about building your residual online income using AIOP I am here for you every step of the way and always will be.


Currently we have 3 main funnels:


The Main Team Rotator.


The Action Copy Campaign.


90 Minute Residuals eBook Campaign.


All three are great and all three are bringing in referrals for the team and our members.


If you haven’t joined our new team list yet, you are NOT part of our team so please take a look at my recent update and give it some serious consideration.


For the next 48 hours only we are still wiping everyone’s referral stats meaning you will be given 4 NEW referrals from our team rotator no matter how many you may have received in the past.


Check out our recent relaunch update here:


If you are with us and keen to get that residual income flowing then check out our two new campaigns in the ACTION section on our How It Works Page here:


And the copy campaigns are going to keep coming! So check back often and keep an eye out for these updates.


We also now have a monthly cash prize give away for every member who meets our team hit count requirement and you can find details here:


The prizes are not huge as they are within my budget which is limited currently however hopefully they help some of you out and help us promote our team to others.


Thanks again for being a valued member of our team and keep an eye out for further updates in the coming days as I continue to make improvements for our team.


Please also note that you may receive these next few updates twice as they are being sent to our NEW and CURRENT team list as well as our old team list in case anyone missed the exciting news.





To Your Success Online

Johnny Eaves – Founder and Admin

Texas Jim Reyna – Founder and Admin

Michael Harris – Founder and Admin

Nate Scifleet – Founder and Admin

AIOP Elite Action Team



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