Bugle Horns and Cockatoos – An Eerie Southern Dawn

Hi [[firstname]],

A huge welcome to all of our new members!

I wanted to reach out to the Elite Action Team family today not to try and sell you anything but just to reach out and let all of you know that I am thinking of you and wishing you the best.

In this time of uncertainty and worry all around the world I wanted to just reach out and ask how are you mate?

Seriously, email me back and have a chat!

Yes! We are in business together. But that means we also know each other. And that means I give a shit!

So today instead of trying  to sell you something or encourage you to promote promote promote or anything like that, I just wanted to open a little window up to all of you.

To show you that I am here building this team, this business for you! And for me! And for me family!

We are in a people business first and foremost. The money business is secondary.

So here is a little window into my day on this sombre but eerie day dawn on the 25th April 2020.

This morning, for the first time in my life on April 25th, my day was completely different to how it has been every single year since I was born in 1983. In fact it was different for every Australian and New Zealandian (I think that is the term they use!) than it has been since 1915 apart from two other occasions which occurred during the Spanish Flu over 100 years ago and again during World War Two.

Today was ANZAC day for those of us in Australia and New Zealand and it is a hugely significant day for us and also for a lot of people in a number of other nations such as Turkey, France, and the UK.

On a normal ANZAC day, Aussies get up at the crack of dawn and set out to their nearest war memorial or main street and we either watch or participate in a parade celebrating our returned and fallen service men and women.

It started in 1915 as a way to recognise those who had fallen during our Country’s greatest defeat at Gallipoli to “Old Johnny Turk” and over the years has evolved to be recognition of all service men and women that have served at any time and in any manner so that we can enjoy the lifestyle and the freedoms that we have today in Australia.

And what I find truly amazing is that the Turkish people genuinely and whole- heartedly celebrate this day with us as it is not just to recognise and remember our own fallen but those that have fallen needlessly anywhere and anytime. In fact every year there are many Aussies and Kiwis who travel to the beach of this terrible tragedy and are welcomed with open arms as we celebrate the loss and the learnings of those times together.

Following the parades, in true Aussie style, we all get plastered!

That is to say, we all go to the pub and we drink and we play 2- up.

2- Up is basically a flip a coin game that was first played in the trenches of world war one.

So yes, we pay our respects and then we go and get drunk and gamble!

Best tradition ever!

And as Aussie as it gets.

But today, for the third time in our history there was none of that going on.

We were unable to hold parades and we were unable to congregate in pubs and clubs around the country.

We value our health and our lives more than we do our vices.

But we are only in the enviable position that we are today because of the sacrifice of those that have served over the years and while we can handle missing a beer or a punt, there was no way we were going to forego the paying of our respects.

So some bright spark came up with the idea that all Aussies would stand at the end of their driveway or on their balcony if they lived in an apartment and we would all hold up a candle while having the Last Post playing on our phones.

And wow was it a sombre and eerie moment.

It started late last night with the setting of stupidly early alarm clocks all over the country…

Then before dawn, we got up, dragged the kids out of bed and trekked down to the bottom of the driveway, a real adventure!

I am lucky that I am in one of 3 eastern most states (no one counts Tassie) of Australia and the timing was absolutely perfect.

It was still dark with just a tinge of orange coming over the ocean in the distance.

Then the app on our phone started up. It started playing the bugle horn tune of the last post. Haunting but beautiful, forcing you to reflect on the things that truly matter.

At the same time, from nature, a large flock of nearby cockatoos started their birdsong and then a Kookaburra in our front yard tree joined in the music (both very Aussie birds and a sound that is instantly recognised by us over here).

Following the bugle horns, we all held our candles, torches or mobile phone app lights up high and spent a few minutes in silence in sombre recognition of the price that was paid for the free lives that we live today.

There is even footage of the French doing the same (obviously on a much smaller scale than here) in recognition of the brave Aussies and Kiwis who gave their lives in the Defence and Liberation of France during WWII, very cool and very appreciated.

And then the Aussie ballads came on, “The Band Sang Waltzing Matilda” by Eric Bogle and “I was Only 19” by Redgum among other nostalgic tunes, please google and have a listen to gain a little insight to how we felt this morning.

Songs we never listen to at other times of the year but that evoke so much emotion on the 25th of April down here in the southern lands.

Stay Safe!

Stay Healthy!

And finally, as we say down under here in the land of Oz……..

Stay the F at home!!!

We will get through this and maybe, just maybe the world will come out a better place, a more united and a more forgiving world for all of us to live, work and play!

And finally and respectfully,

Lest We Forget.



(tomorrow we are back to business – so don’t expect any more soppy broadcasts from me!!)

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