Action Copy Campaign

Instructions For Copying The ACTION Campaign

The Action Copy Campaign provided by the AIOP Elite Action Team allows our members to copy our campaign, inclusive of all of our squeeze pages and auto- response email series.

This campaign will be hard coded to build YOUR list of prospects inside YOUR AIOP account.

This campaign will be hard coded to ensure that any prospect who joins our team through your copied campaign will be YOUR direct referral at All In One Profits.

All Team Members MUST continue to send 2000 hits per month to their tracked team link. This copy campaign is on top of your tracked team link.

Please watch the video below for a step by step walk through of how to copy this campaign.

The Code to copy this campaign is:    92135

We highly encourage you to communicate with your referrals and if they have taken the action to set up this campaign consider using your AIOP rotator to include both your action campaign and that of your referrals to help them earn. This ensures they pass up referrals to you AND continue to pay YOUR commissions every month.